Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Serious resource issues effecting the nuclear submarine programme

A recent report in the Telegraph highlighted serious resource issues effecting the nuclear submarine programme.  These resourcing issues have been highlighted in the Milcon Blog  for a number of years.

The Telegraph reports the MOD responding to its article by saying that the MOD

" recognises that the Royal Navy has sufficient manpower for its submarines and we are confident that this will remain the case."

This seems to be at odds with what the DNSR, MOD's internal Nuclear Safety Regulatory has highlighted resourcing as a red risk  in the DNSR's  Annual report for  2011 which states

 "These are that inadequacy of resources, both money and staff complement, and the difficulties in maintaining a sustainable cadre of suitably competent staff (Royal Navy, MOD civilians  and in industry partners) are the principal threats to safety in the DNP in the medium term"

This seems to suggest that the response from the MOD Press Office bears little relation the  situation expressed by the MOD's  own internal Regulator.  

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