Sunday, 15 April 2012

Failure to provide accurate information in response to FOI requests

On 18 October 2011 MOD was asked for information about sites contaminated with Radium including those overseas

“Could you please provide the following information a list defence sites in the UK and overseas that have been or might have been contaminated with radium that have been disposed of since 1945. To provide details of radium disposals by on site burial, including amount of radioactivity activity, location and date since 1945.”

The MOD response can be found at the “What do they Know” website

The information provided also fails to identify the site at Hillsea Lines Portsmouth where radium has been disposed of by burial. 

This throws into doubt the accuracy and validity of the information the MOD provides in response to FOI requests.  In particular the unacceptable failings in corporate memory and breaches of statutory duty under the Freedom of Information Act to provide information held by the MOD.

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