Friday, 26 August 2011

Defence Nuclear Environment and Safety Board report 2010

The 2010 Defence Nuclear Environment and Safety Board report has been published.

The DNESB 2010 assurance report again shows that the ever continuing reduction in resources is putting the safety of MOD staff and the public at increasing and indeed unacceptable risk.
The DNESB assurance reports clearly show the inability of the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator to influence decisions by Ministers and the Defence Board to ensure the provision of adequate resources for the delivery of nuclear safety within the MOD. This also demonstrates the need for a Nuclear Regulator independent of the MOD with proper powers of regulation and enforcement.

The 2010 DNESB and earlier reports clearly demonstrate how the MOD has failed to allocated sufficient resources to nuclear safety in particular the lack of progress on recruiting suitably experienced and qualified staff, the commitment to produce a decommissioning strategy supported with the necessary funding.