Monday, 5 December 2011

MOD policy on contaminated land and alienated sites

In response to a FOI request about how MOD responded to the recommendations contained in the 2000 report by RWMAC    “RWMAC's Advice to Ministers on The Ministry of Defence's Arrangements for Dealing with Radioactively Contaminated Land“. It is clear from the response to action 12 that the MOD has no intention of identifying  what contamination exists on land that it has disposed of prior to the LQA programme such as Dalgety Bay.  

It is also clear from the response to action 12 of the RWMAC report that MOD believes this responsibility lies with Local Authorities.  Local Authorities hold few if any records that would assist them in identifying contamination on former MOD sites let alone the financial resources to support such activity.  

I believe it is important for the safety of the environment and the public, that risks from defence related pollutants are identified and if necessary remediated.  Examples of such pollutants are :-
  • radioactive substances such as  radium, 
  • chemical weapon residues such as mustard gas, 
  • asbestos, 
  • organic solvents, 
  • explosives and ammunition
  • toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium 
I also believe that it is the MODs’  responsibility to  identify where there is a legacy of pollution from defence activities  and where identified as the polluter, MOD should pay to for any clean up rather that  pushing off the responsibility onto poorly resourced local authorities  and council tax payers and Regulators 


Action 12
“MOD should give thought to the feasibility of compiling information on disposals of land predating the LQA programme, where radioactive contamination might have been involved.”

MOD response 

“The introduction of EPA 1990 Part 2A places the responsibility for inspecting land with the local authority to identify land contamination.”

Sunday, 4 December 2011

MOD admits that it has no clear idea of what the risk is to people from the radium contamination at Dalgety Bay

In press report in the Sunday Herald MOD is quoted as saying

"New radioactive sources have been found at Dalgety Bay and we take this very seriously. However, it is not yet clear what the level of risk is."

This statement clearly shows that despite all the surveys MOD admits that it has no clear idea of what the risk is to people from the radium contamination at Dalgety Bay